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What is the court of seasons?

A political season in which nobles flock to the main kingdom in order to proceed with courtship. For many it is a chance of romance, for some few others it's a chance to influence the agenda of the kingdom on a grander scale. Often a perilous time of charisma, intrigue and expression. The court of seasons has been seen to elevate some nobles to a higher height of power, and has been seen to disgrace a few as well. The court of seasons is not to be taken lightly, as it can make or break a family.

What is my role?

As the players, you are all apart of the wide-spreading Alastorian family and lineage. Nobles in their own right, the Alastorian family once held a large stake in most of the kingdom but soon fell from grace when a ploy from a previous family ended the Alastorian reign in disgrace. Your task is simple, the Alastorian line is dying and desperately requires an increase in heirs, and wealth. You can hardly be seen as being noble, but your blood is. In doing so, you have a right in the court of seasons like everyone else. Your task is to go to the court of seasons, and restore the Alastorian line to it's full potential.

Role Playing vs Combat

Role-Playing is always encouraged in my game, as a lover of RP myself I find it to be the maker of alot of games from a sprawling adventure and just a numbers game. There is bits of heavy RP in this game as with the nature of this game, but fear not I have combat planned. You'll still see your monsters and your dungeons. Wouldn't be D&D without it, no would it? So please make a character you can get into.

Character Roles

Just because this game is based upon the game of nobles, doesn't mean your character has to be noble in personality or even concept. They have noble blood which is the biggest reason they are able to go to the court. Class wise, all the standard classes for D&D 3.5 are open. Just have a good backstory on how your character is drawn into this. Your character must be of Alastorian blood however.

In regard to custom classes, I will accept custom classes. However you need pre-approval. I need to take a look at the custom class before hand.

House Alastorian
House Alastorian at one time held the biggest stake of power in the kingdom. House Alastorian became the prime ally of the Kingdom during wartime. Their biggest accomplishment was sending their own personal army in putting down a rebellion within the capitol city. It was with this that House Alastorian became the personal army of the capitol. In this time, a failed coup within this time saw the House Alastorian all but stripped of their name. Their resources and army crippled and most of their heirs slain in the coup. House Alastorian now struggles with it's own survival as well as the problem of lineage.

House Rencaster
House Rencaster is primarily consisted of casters. Their house lost a large amount of power when a group within the House of Necromancer staged a rebellion in the Capitol City. Summoning the undead, this rebellion was put down by House Alastorian who slaughtered many of the respected members of Rencaster. The House to this day has gained a bit more of it's former power.

House Maximilian
House Maximilian is one of the original clans to exist in the Kingdom. Currently holding most of the power in the Kingdom as well as a large part of the kingdom's financial work. House Maximilian has stuck as the adviser to the throne for as long as anyone can remember. House Maximilian's clean and grand appearance is only a ruse for the cloak and dagger operations as well as the clean-up of any related incidents.

House Lark
House Lark is perhaps the largest House of them all. Originally a family of workers, House Lark is formed on the basis of Smithing, and Enchanters. Their somewhat disorganized but clean and honest appearance is what the kingdom enjoys most about House Lark. The people in House Lark are generally good-willed which avoids corruption from spreading within the House however House Lark is underestimated due to their non-involvement in political gain.

House Cortez
House Cortez is a newer House but soon gain fame. A family of pirates from another land, House Cortez brought with them a mountain of gold which quickly established themselves as a rich house, and a House of fighters, casters, and thieves alike, House Cortez quickly took a stake in power with their brutal foreign tactics and gold. Their House also has a reputation of "brainwashing" their members for an iron loyalty.

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