The Age of Endless Twilight

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Deep within the earth, the sounds of men, women and children cry out in pain and anguish. Within the halls of the ancient fortress, whose walls are made from black stone that shakes and cracks as unnatural energies swirl through the air, a darkness gathers that threatens countless lives.

"The ritual is almost complete, they said it is currently in its third stage." A woman who wore black armor said to the high priest, the cries of those being tortured or dying almost drown out her words. "However I think I let one of them escape." her tone showed how she was disappointed to say so. "Who escaped? One of those who attacked our temple?" the high priest asked, turning to the woman in armor. "Yeah one of them. They barely put up a fight so I just walked off when I thought they were all dead, but one of the acolytes said he heard someone running out in a rush." she shrugged as she said it. "Letting one of them escape isn't much of a problem, however more are likely to come, you know that right?" The high priest said giving the woman a stern glance as though scolding a child. As he finished that sentence a woman's scream filled the air before abruptly being cut out. "They just couldn't gag them all could they? No they had to be cheap." The woman complained, showing a look of annoyance. "Anyway just go off to whatever you were leaving for, I've got this under control. Hell, if they send in more than just three dozen men I might actually get a good work out." "Only do so if necessary, the ritual is at its most delicate stage right now, you cannot leave it undefended." "How boring... well I guess I'll just wait. I'd like to see who they send this time."

Several days later...

Help Wanted!Due to the recent raids and kidnappings within the kingdom, King Lioric has commissioned Army Captain Leera Stormblade to lead an assault on the ruin known as Ridgar Keep in an attempt to rescue the captured citizens and bring justice upon the kidnappers.

We are looking for heroes, mercenaries, anyone who is willing to lend aid to Captain Stormblade's efforts. We are offering a generous reward to any and all who participate in this operation.

For those interested, please refer to here: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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