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Hello and Welcome to Daggerdale + City of the Spider Queen!!!

This is a Forgotten Realms adventure set in the land of Faerun in the area of Daggerdale which progresses right into the events of City of the Spider Queen. The adventure was originally 3.0 version but I will be running it using 3.5 edition rules. The adventure is generally highly regarded and is even number 24 on Dungeon Magazine's Top Adventures of All Time (he, he - for what that's worth).

The campaign will consist of City of the Spider Queen which will be the main adventure plus additional material of my own creation dealing with Daggerdale and the immediate vicinity. You do not need to be a Forgotten Realms buff to enjoy this adventure, but knowledge of the area(s) mentioned will be helpful. City of the Spider Queen happens simultaneously with some of the events in R. A. Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen novels. You do not need to have read those books, but if you have it will certainly enhance your enjoyment of the campaign.

This game is somewhat of a commitment. It is not just the City of the Spider Queen module, but rather a campaign designed with Daggerdale in mind as well. That is where all of the the PC's will begin, specifically in the city of Dagger Falls. The year is 1372 – the Year of Wild Magic in the Forgotten Realms timeline. The adventure itself is rather lengthy but really rewarding.

What I am looking for: 4 players, beginning at level 9 to start (although the adventure module recommends 10th level, this is not JUST the straight-up module, keep that in mind).

For character creation: 32 point buy system

Hit Points: HP's are MAX (and calculated normally) for first 3 levels and then follow this formula - ˝ HD + CON modifier +1. For example a bard with a 14 CON score would get 3 + 2 +1 each level after 3rd level. A wizard with a 17 CON score would get 2+3+1. Got it? Great!

Your starting gold is 36,000 gold coins. However, magic items are restricted to the 3.5 DMG ONLY to begin. You may spend it as you see fit or buy nothing at all and stash it all away – it is up to you. Later as you level up, various other sources will become available (by request).

Absolutely prohibited: gestalt, psionics, evil aligned characters, drow race for PC's (although half-drow can be acceptable with the right storyline)
**important** I am likely only going to take 1 of “The Big Five” as a party member – just keep that in mind. See the MW wiki for more on this. This is simply to keep the power level balanced.

Sources: I am pretty open-minded here but will NOT be allowing any 3rd party material – WoTC source books only please. Unearthed Arcana and Tome of Battle are OK, the “Complete” series is also OK, Forgotten Realms supplements are OK, please ask if not sure about something or if you have something you think would fit outside the lines. I am open to hearing it and will give you an honest answer.

You can expect to gain quite a few levels as we progress through the campaign (at least 6 or 7) making this a potentially high-powered PbP campaign for your characters. It is, however, a true test and it will be very, very dangerous indeed. You will need to really function as a team to make it through alive. It can be best described as a mix of 1 part combat, 1 part role-play, 1 part problem/puzzle solving (those proportions can change slightly as well depending on your actions).

I am planning on also breaking the overall campaign down into manageable segments. This makes it more playable and if for some reason somebody wants/needs out, needs to take a break, etc. - they can do so at a “stopping point” without having too damaging an effect on the campaign.

What I am looking for in your character:
Physical description – the regular details & anything that stands out
Background – this does not have to be more than 1-2 paragraphs. Please keep it direct and to the point. It should include how you came to be in Daggerdale (were you born here? etc) and some of your adventure exploits. You will begin having a working relationship with the other party members – the extent of which is to be determined by all of you.
Special – please add another ˝ paragraph specifically about how you know Randall Morn – he is the leader of Dagger Falls (Fighter/Rogue) and the one who sent you the letter asking your attendance (see below). You can find the pertinent info on him in the Forgotten Realms source book. The idea behind this is to really tie your character into the Realms and the area.
Applications - when completed, please post them in the "Character Creation" forum, located here
Posting rate - every other day would be ideal if possible

I'm looking for characters that have that “Realms-ian” feel to them – epic high fantasy heroes.

About me:
I have been a DM for over 15 years, player for even longer, and have played PbP on other sites (not as good as MW of course!). While I don’t claim to know every single rule inside out (but who really does) I can promise you a fairly DM’d game. I’m planning on this being the only game I DM so it will get FULL attention from me. This campaign is a chance to have fun, make friends, and go on a Forgotten Realms adventure. It is NOT a chance to power game, show off your vast knowledge of all things Forgotten Realms, intimidate other players, or for people who have already played through this adventure either on PbP or in RL.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

The letter caught your eye immediately – the wax seal was in the shape of a dagger with a ring half way down the blade. You immediately recognized the tell-tale sign of the coat of arms of Daggerdale. The envelope was of the highest quality card stock – a rarity indeed in this part of Faerun. Making sure you are alone and free from distraction or inquisitive eyes, you open the envelope and find a well-written but brief letter on fine parchment. The ink is a rich shade of blue – another thing of interest. It reads as follows:

“Dearest traveler and friend,
I would like to henceforth make a formal request for your presence the day after next, at my personal chambers at Dagger Keep. Please come at sundown and arrive alone. My guards will be on duty and will be expecting you. It is a matter of great urgency and I cannot stress how important it is to me to see you in attendance. There is a favor, neigh, a request that I must make of you. It concerns the safety of Dagger Falls and is of high priority. I have sent this letter specifically to you as I think you may be able to help me, and in so doing help all of Daggerdale. Certain other acquaintances of yours may be reading their own letter at the same time you are. Please do not share the contents of this letter with anyone and be sure to destroy it after reading.

Keep your doors locked at night and be wary of strangers.

Randall Morn –Lord of Dagger Falls”

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