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Game Description:

Good Ole Fashion Bar fight nothing huge or long lasting, with some throw away characters if you want. The goal is not for story line or seriousness, but instead for humor and a good romp. I have not..... dm for like.... 4 years. So may be some issues, hence why am starting with something so low key.

For character creation:32 point buy system

Level 3

Races: Any up to +1 LA

Hit Dice: Your Class Role + 5
Absolutely prohibited:

Classes: Lets stay within Core + Complete Books If you have something you absolutely want to use, an the magic system or whatever isn't to weird that I need to study up on it, let me know. I have most the books just mostly digital copies.

Starting Gold : 5,000 You are rich level 3's

What I am looking for in your character: Folks wanting random fun

Someone who is weapon focused with a beer bottle, will have as much effect as a druid running about with Shillelagh

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