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  • Created Jul 23 '12
  • Last Post Jul 13 '16 at 5:29pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Hero

Game Description

In the beginning there was magic, energy and chaos; these elements combined to forge a new world, a world of wonder that was still in its early days of creation. The Magical energies of the world were known as Arce and these energies were wild and untamed clashing together like a storm breathing life in to the world.

Unlike other Fantasy settings there are differences with this world compared to standard Fantasy settings. Where humans are the standard race in most Fantasy settings, well the humans of this world were once the only race in the world; they were the first race known as The First Ones.

The clashes of Arce gave birth to this race, The First Ones as History has come to known them, their power was immense and they built an Empire spanning the world living happily in peace. The world still in an age of chaos breathed life from clashes of Arce causing new species to emerge.

The First Ones felt threatenedby these unknown species who seemed to be inferior but the more the First Ones treated them like pests to be exterminated the more the new species continued to emerge with their numbers exponentially growing by the day. The First Ones performed aritual using the magical energies of the world itself to amplify their powers but the world had other plans as their ritual backfired. The First Ones became savage barbarians who couldn't bear to live under the Sun; they had lost everything and the remnants of their species fled underground, they had forgotten everything they once were for that was the price the world demanded in payment for attempting to utilise such powerful magic.

The world has moved on since then, the energies of the world have stabilised, the First Ones who have spent so long underground have started being able to venture to the surface filled with their hatred of the other species but still mainly live underground.

The world is a different place to what it once was, nations have formed, the world goes by just like any other and people are only just starting to uncover the relics of long ago from the age of the Empire of the First Ones. This has created much tension in recent years and wars have been fought over such powerful artefacts. It's a time of uneasy peace and now you can venture forth in to this world to discover the wonders it holds as you forge your own journey of adventure.

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