A Rebirth of Dragons

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Successive Kings and their Regents had ruled Cormyr for over almost 1400 years, but in an evening, the Weave was sundered and chaos swept through the recovering kingdom like a tidal wave. Many noble families went into hiding or disappeared entirely as the realm buckled, splintered and ultimately dissolved. The Purple Dragons, long the staunch defenders of the Cormyrian lands, were driven back repeatedly until all that remained were Cormyr's southern holdings who changed their name to The Kingdom of Westfall. As the Queen of Thorns consolidated in the former Kingdom's center, The City of Shades further encroached along the Stonelands which prompted both factions of the Zhenatrim to make their move against High Horn and Tilverton respectively. Cormyr and the Obarskyr family had finally met their end... or had the wounded Dragon simply been recovering it's strength?

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