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A previously Play by E-Mail group, that has seen better days as far as group membership is concerned. Characters are just starting on the Scales of War adventure path, and we're looking for approximately 2 more players to round out the group again.

Characters will join at 2nd level, utilizing pretty much any rules allowable in the official character creator program from wizards. We will be using to keep track of much of our used abilities, current status, surges, etc.

Current premise is a rescue mission for a number of kidnapped townsfolk, as the party also tries to delve into the secrets of a sudden, unexpected resurgence of a splinter-group of the "Red Hand of Doom" that was stopped just a decade previous. The ragtag group of adventurers are far from hardened and have known each other only a brief period of time, but are proving their abilities to work together well as a team in the pursuit of both justice, and profit.

Current PC's include a Warforged Artificer and a Tiefling Battlemind.

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