The Color of the Sky

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  • Created Dec 3 '07
  • Last Post Jan 9 '08 at 10:23am
  • Status Aborted
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From: Doji Satsume, Crane Clan Daimyo and Emerald Champion
To: Emerald Magistrates Iuchi Toshiko and Bayushi Mutsuye

The loss of a magistrate is a tragedy - doubly so when the loss is in such a sudden and unexpected fashion. I owe you a debt of gratitude for your swift acceptance of Naritoki's assignment.

Naritoki reported to me personally every month; I had not thought the situation in Ryoko Owari severe enough to merit multiple magistrates. Naritoki's death has proved me wrong, which is why the two of you have been assigned to this troublesome city. As is customary in these situations, only one of you will have to report to me each month, freeing the other to maintain order in the city.

Based on Naritoki's reports and my own observations, these are the primary threats to public order in Ryoko Owari:

Naritoki's Assassin
By far the most serious threat is the blatant murder of an Emerald Magistrate. An attack on the magistrate is an attack on the Emperor, and therefore an attack on Rokugan. Any city where the magistrates are not feared or respected is a cancer in the throat of our nation.

Naritoki was found inside his carriage, the door wedged shut and the carriage itself burned with pitch. He was stabbed several times to keep him in the carriage long enough for the fire and bad air to kill him. His retainer True Word was found several paces away, stabbed to death after his face was sprayed with lye to keep him from reading his spell scrolls.

The nickname "Fade" has been given to a bandit who has plagued Ryoko Owari and the vicinity for two years running. It stems from his ability to evade pursuit - an ability that is fast becoming legendary, much to the chagrin of Emerald Magistrates as well as the Thunder Guard. Naritoki firmly believed that Fade is a wayward noble of some kind. And because he only strikes the Scorpion Clan's holdings, it is clear he holds them some enmity.

The Ryoko "Ninja"
Periodically, Matsu Shigeko would report that a crime in Ryoko Owari had been blamed on "ninja". While both of us scoffed at the idea, it has now become clear that there is a criminal gang operating in Ryoko Owari who claim to be the mythical "ninja" in order to intimidate peasants.

The Wind
For the last two years, there have been numerous reports from nobles of robberies in their own homes. The reports are very similar; the household goes to sleep at night. The guards neither see nor hear anything unusual; no one is awakened or alarmed. In the morning, however, a single item of value is missing. The Wind is also stealing the sense of safety that the nobles have within their own homes.

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