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  • Created Aug 2 '12
  • Last Post Mar 28 '14 at 2:11am
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

You are a 12th lvl character that can be any race or class with the stats generated by using a 20 point buy. Although this is a Pathfinder game rather than D&D 3.5 all alterations to spells, races and classes still apply with the following exception: Dark Lords can not detect paladins but undead(including dark lords) do so out to line of sight. Violently hostile undead tend to attack paladins first but intelligent undead are not compelled to. If the intelligent undead in question decides it is better to attack the wizard it will do so and it may not attack at all if it thinks that is in its best interest. Pathfinder is close enough to 3.5 to make this easily workable. The power check and curse rules remain the same with the dark powers checks dependent on players actions ONLY. I think I have all the pathfinder books and virtually all the 3.5 ones. You can be of any class or prestige class of either except for those that clearly don't fit in such as summoner or are evil as they are easy to convert. If I don't like your conversion I will make changes. Non-evil alignments only. applications go here

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