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Game Information
  • Created Dec 3 '07
  • Last Post Feb 3 '08 at 9:57pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

"This isn't the Carpenter's Wall. What we're dealing with is just as dangerous and five times as insidious. The maho-tsukai could be any one; I've seen Clan hatamoto and 10 year old eta who were part of the same blood magic cell. So be ready to kill anyone; even one of your own.

Keep your wakizashi or tanto coated in weapons' oil and jade powder and in your hand as you sleep. Make sure it's small; we never have enough jade and I don't need you wasting it on your katana. You have to at least be able to slow the demon down and pain's a good way to do it.

If you should wake up during the night and we're being attacked by the Shadowlands, don't bother throwing me my scroll satchel. I can cast Jade Strike and Tomb of Jade from memory, and you'll be dead before I catch the satchel.

Did you want some dumplings? This place makes great dumplings."
--Isawa Junichi, Phoenix Inquisitor

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