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Canticum Praesaga is an Eberron campaign set in the years following the Last War. While a war-weary Khorvaire licks its wounds, a surprise incursion from the east threatens to capture the continent in its quest for total dominion over the world. Little could be done to prevent the overwhelming and alien might of the colonial army from conquering the outlying nations of Khorvaire. In a desperate bid for the continent's sovereignty a fraternity of renowned warriors forms under the banner of Tiraaka Kaliuuga, a Riedran-born-Kalashtar-trained psychic soldier. He dubs these heroes "The Abolishers"

The focus will primarily be on large scale warfare. Players will have a hand in deciding the allocation of Thronehold Alliance resources, the planning of campaigns and defenses against the Riedran Imperial Army and will, of course, have the chance to personally meet blades with The Inspired.

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