Dark Heresy the Heresy Within

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Game Information
  • Created Aug 17 '12
  • Last Post Dec 18 '12 at 8:17pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Dark Heresy

Game Description

This is the forum for our game Ive invented the title.

Here are some things for you to know..

For this game any actions taken need to be in asterisks... example. *draws gun from holster* or *takes a step backwards*

Anything your character says should be in quotes example.... " Which way should we go?" or "i take it that means no..."

anything else posted is basically out of character example .. questions to the DM like what objects are in this room... or I rolled a 20%

I'm generally terrible at spelling and grammer so i dont expect and wont punish anyone for typos spelling errors etc.. ;-)

Im planning on this to be more of a Big mission than a giant ongoing campain. Mostly just for us to have a good time and do something a little diffrent. Also to help us keep our friendships up when we have a hard time actually meeting up to do stuff.

I hope everyone has fun and if anyone isnt please let me know.

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