Nightmares Rising

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Game Information
  • Created Aug 20 '12
  • Last Post Oct 10 '12 at 10:58pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Homebrew

Game Description

Itís been days since you've gotten any sleep. Maybe drugs, sleeping pills, nightmares, or too much caffeine have been keeping you awake. Whatever your reasons the past 3 nights, maybe more, you have been awake. You arenít sure if itís the sleepless nights or the medications your physician gave you but you have been seeing things out the corner of your eye. Things you swear canít be there and when you turn to get a good look they arenít. Your doctor says you are fine, your friends tell you not to worry, but you know. You can feel something within yourself changing.

Character AppMy name is: characters name
And I am: lifestyle/job
Whats been keeping you awake?
The source of your sleepless nights
What just happened to you?
What happens to the character in it's very first scene of the game
What's on the surface?
How people see your character
What lies beneath?
What drives you/Who you are underneath first impressions
What's your path?
Your characters goal/How the character's story could come to a conclusion

Exhaustion Talent
Something mundane that you are superhumanly good at.(Memory, great shot, high pain tolerance, etc)
Madness Talent
Your "superpower" you gained from the insomnia. It can be anything, be creative.

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