More Trouble in Nentir Vale

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You've certainly made a name for yourselves.

Shopkeepers in Fallcrest call out greetings as you pass by, happily informing any within earshot of how you saved the Vale from the threat of kobold invasion, and slew a dragon in the process! Dragonslayer. Kobold Bane. The titles make you a little uncomfortable, even if they are, at the heart of it all, accurate. Things have been quiet since your return to Fallcrest.

Now stories are beginning to trickle into town about your journey last year to Winterhaven. Most of them are carried by the halfling river traders, and are almost too fantastical to be believed: powerful evil wizards, hungry dead rising from their graves to stalk the living, an army of goblins waiting to ravage the land ... and an eldritch evil from the depths of Hell clawing its way into Nentir Vale!

The riverfolk halflings are known for their tall tales, and for the moment the citizens of Fallcrest seem content to treat these new stories of your small band as just that: stories. Still, you're fairly certain the bard you saw last night in the Nentir Inn's common room is the same bard from Wrafton's Inn in Winterhaven. Her songs and stories will lend credibility to the riverfolk's tales. It will only be a matter of time before someone thinks to ask you the truth about your journey to Winterhaven.

More pressing, however, is the summons you've received from the Lord Warden. Trouble, no doubt is brewing again in Nentir Vale. No doubt you've been called upon to put an end to it!

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