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  • Created Aug 22 '12
  • Last Post Jan 8 '14 at 1:56am
  • Status Complete
  • System Dresden Files

Game Description

Welcome to Desswood, Middle-of-Nowhere Montana! We are so far from the worldís eye it has to use a telescope to find us. Politicians donít stop here to campaign, the depression skipped over us in pursuit of better prospects, and we almost never make the state news, let alone the national.

Thatís not to say weíve got nothing going on. We have our local Movers and Shakers, big sharks and whales that think they run this town. Our feuds have been running so long, neither side remembers exactly why they are fighting or even who is winning. And the last few years have been the best this old girl has ever seen. The gas mineral companies and the new software tower have been raking money in hand over fist and pouring it into the local economy, leading to a explosion of growth.

All sorts of folks found themselves out here in the back of beyond. Of course, we have our ranchers and cowboys, doctors and lawyers, but thatís not all. The drilling companies have imported roughnecks from all over, the software company attracted loads of white collars, and developers are flocking in to take advantage of all the money. And thatís just the moral side of things.

We have our monsters, the things of the night. Most of them are refugees of the wider world. Werewolves just wanting to run wild in the woods, witches trying to keep out from under the feet of the White Council, vampires kicked to the curb by their own Courts. Men and things just looking for a place to hide from their problems or get a new start, and Desswood offers that.

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