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In the depths of the Winterbole Forest, the Pyramid of Shadows waits. This extradimensional prison catches and holds creatures from all planes of existence. Within the pyramid, factions rise and fall, carving out territories and surviving without hope of escape . . . all except for one longtime prisoner, who needs the unwitting aid of some adventurers to free himself from the pyramid.

Pyramid of Shadows is an adventure-in-a-can for characters of 7th to 10th level. If you somehow get through this without getting absurdly bored or dying horrendously, we'll keep playing through P1, P3, and P3, ending of paragon level 20. This is intended to be a casual play experience. Roleplay as much as you like, but I'm not going to expect you to suffer through writer's block to figure out a way to roleplay yourself whiffing your attack against my monster for the fifteenth time when we're ready to move on with the encounter.

Oh, and bring your A-game. This is gonna be hard as balls.

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