Waking the Dreamer

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Game InformationTwo thousand years ago, the god Vecna began his rise to power. War and destruction ravaged the land. There seemed to be no hope left for the forces of good. Then a group of five people, whose names are lost in legends, came forth and fought back. Vecna was not vanquished, but his conquests of the Material Plane was put to a halt. In the final battle, the Paladin of the group, the only one who's name is remembered, Talneir Szilizard sacrificed himself to weaken Vecna. Vecna was forced to let go of his plans for conquering the multi-verse to lick his wounds and enjoy his deity-hood. After the battle, Paladins lost much of the power they once had. The world has largely been at a relative peace since then, but things have been tense recently. Rumors of war have started to come to light recently, but with who, and more importantly, why?

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