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  • Created Sep 4 '12
  • Last Post Nov 27 '12 at 2:11am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

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Part the First: Wherein the Stage is SetWhere do Fables go when mankind has forgotten and forsaken them? In what little hole do they slither into and hide for the rest of their meager, pitiful lives? What, if anything, happens to them?

They live on, of course.

For Fables are a resilient sort, not to be undone by the adversities of time, hurt, hunger, thirst or any of the thousand natural shocks that flesh is heir to. In short, they are immortal. So long as the last human remembers their name, they live on both in the minds of mankind as well as physical form. Some even walk amongst us.

You are one of such Fables.

Though modeled after your original tale, you have since evolved much in the same way a story changes slightly with every telling. You have grown your own sense of self, becoming a person in your own right, possibly even in ways that make you unrecognizable from your former self. How you choose to live your life is up to you. Fight the good fight, seek out glory, embrace sin, or even commit frivolous carnage, your story is yours to tell.

Part the Second: Wherein the Players are Met
In case you haven't noticed, this is a story based off Bill Willingham's ridiculously epic premise of the same name. This tale will be set in an alternate timeline, however so all characters will be given entirely new identities.

Here's the crunch:

Character Criteria: Think of a
A single, specific person/creature with a proper noun for a name and not part of a collective.

Example: Medusa is alright. Gorgon isn't.
character. That character must be of
Alice in Wonderland, written 157 years ago, is about as "young" as I'm willing to go. LotR and HP are definitely too new school although you may model the characters there after even older ones.

Example: Gandalf is from Merlin.
ancient times and must be a myth, not a
The defining line will be whether that character is worshiped or not. Perseus, Arachne, and the Titans are fine. Heracles and Freya are not.

Sources: The SRD. I appreciate things from core, APG, UC, and UA. Please no third party feats and alternate class features without consulting me first.

Classes: All. Be sure that you can adapt it to the concept of your Fable character, however.

Races: Even more important to match this to your Fable. Therefore, I'm a lot more open to races, including third party ones.

Ability Scores: Standard 25 point buy. Use this in case you're not sure.

Starting: Level 3 with standard starting gold for that level.

Traits: 2, including Regional but not Campaign ones.

Setting: Choose any major city in modern Earth. That is where you will be starting once the main story unfolds. Your Fable has immigrated there and is now part of the populace.

Equipment: All Fables have "
These may include weapons and armor they're used to using, their spellbooks, potions, scrolls, etc.
mementos" from their previous lives. These are the only things that are of cost from your starting gp. Unfortunately, after the Great Migrations, enchanted items, like Fables, lost much of their magical potency. Therefore, many items may still exist though in an inert
Aladdin's genie's lamp could be a teapot or a mantlepiece. It simply would have no function whatsoever.

Magic swords would lose all their enchantment and be MW weapons.

In a calculated move, I will allow real estate, vehicular transportation, and wardrobe to be
Considering the limitations placed on modern roads, a Lamborghini, mechanically, will perform the same as a 15-year-old Honda Civic. Meanwhile, the black tie look will be taken into account for roleplaying purposes but will not give one any permanent bonuses to Diplomacy, for example. Nowadays, the upper class are the celebrities, not merely the wealthy nor blue bloods.
costless so long as it is integrated into your background and have no bearing on combat or mechanics.

Firearms and other forms of modern weaponry must be calculated into your starting gold.

Backstory: This ain't no Disney, this is bloody Grimm's fairy tales. The Little Mermaid commits suicide, Rosebud gets molested in her sleep, Rapunzel's prince charming gets his eyes pierced and is sent to wander in the desert. They all live at the end in my story, but their psyches are forever scarred by their experiences. Spend five minutes to Google the real legends behind your character's base premise before creating them. This may or may not ruin your childhood, but that's the price of admission.

Please be aware that there is a lot of flexibility in how you match your mechanics with your concept. Some examples I can provide:

- Hansel and Gretal can be inquisitors bent on slaying all witches
- Rapunzel can be a White-Haired Witch archetype
- Aladdin's genie can be a djinn who has escaped his lamp
- The Pied Piper...well, if you can't guess this one...

These are just examples and you can go in completely different directions depending on your backstory. Just make it good.

Also, while I accept fables from other cultures as well, they must be myths, not gods. Meaning Coyote, Anansi, and Loki are out of the question.

Part the Third: Wherein One Receives a Threat
I'll be forthright here. Lately I've been using Posts Per Day as a measure of whether someone is a dedicated weaver or not. If your number is less than 1.0, then that will impact whether or not I choose you. I understand that people have lives and are busy, but I've seen too many rude players who have dropped off the face of the Internet without so much as a fare-thee-well.

One post a day, with some stretch available on weekends. Give me warning in advance and I will happily welcome you back upon your return. Going AWOL for three days means that you've quit the game.

I will start the game with a private story for every applicant. If you can sufficiently carry on for a week, then consider yourself part of the main story. Good luck to all!

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