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Well my table top game has collapsed. It was an introduction to some of my friends to D&D and they really seemed to enjoy it. I made it challenging for them and they stepped up. They advanced the plot along really well and got up to level 12, capable of dealing with some of my meanest baddies. It was a good game, my most successful ever. But people have to move due to the military and I'd like to see how it works here. I hope to run the game over at myth-weavers, their organization system can't be beat, but I'd like to see if I can get players here too because I'm really looking for quality over quantity and figure a bigger pool will help me with that. I also posted this on the Giant in the Playground forums but intend on running it here since the forum game system is superior. Here somewhat of a copy paste from the giantitp post.

D&D 3.X I say X because a lot of 3.0 stuff didn't get remade in 3.5 and so is allowable. However if something is 3.0 and has a 3.5 version, the 3.5 will be used.

It's pretty much vanilla D&D. It's a homebrew setting with low magic. I say low because it's not common in this world. This really doesn't restrict the players except when it comes to items. There are also some minor adjustments to the other bases classes, either an increase in HD or BAB. Further details will come.

I'm looking for 4-6 players. Ideally 4 but if I get good entries I might take more.

ECL 4 including level adjustments. This could also be considered ECXPL 4 for those who might want to buy off a level adjustment.

Standard for a 4th level character.

There are some modifications to the base classes due to the setting. Because magic is so rare, when it does pop up it is extremely valuable and powerful. As such, if players want a base class that cast spells it must be a full casting class, ie gets level 0-9 spells. Classes that spell level caps at 6 (rangers, paladins, etc) must use their non-spellcasting variant. ACF that remove a (su) or (sp) will be used as well. The only possible exception to this might be artificers with their infusions. They still have them but in order to use them they must have a focus for every one. I will detail it further.

Almost any race would be allowed however this setting is primarily human. Outside of where you start the prejudice jumps up dramatically. Near human or templated is your best bet. Monsters are all but extinguished from the continent though there may be some in hidden in their own little enclaves. If anything run it by me conceptually

Abilities are generated by 4d6b3, hp 1st level max every subsequent roll.

There is alignment but it is far more flexible than most systems.

There is multiclassing with no XP restrictions. I feel they should play their character and concept, not the class.

I will roll for NPC's and PC's if they are under mind control or such. PC roll for themselves.

A good character background is absolutely a requirement. I will be posting more information on the background of the setting after I see interest.

The game is a hack/slash, and roleplay. Not too much puzzle though.

Official WOTC material (including Dragon Magazines) are almost certainly a go. I won't allow homebrew base classes in this game but PrC are subject to approval. In fact there are some that I use for my NPC's for flavor. As always though, everything is subject to DM approval.

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