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Setting:The Forgotten Realms
Time Period: 5th Mirtul : 1369 DR
The Year of the Gauntlet

The Sword of the Dales, an icon of the Dalelands symbolizing the unity and strength of the people, has reappeared! Created by Shraevyn the weapons-mage hundreds of years ago, the lost sword had become nothing more than a fantastic children's tale until now......

A group of warriors led by Randal Morn rightful ruler of Daggerdale, rushed to the Sword's resting place to recover it, but dark forces awaited them and Randal and his men fell to an ambush. Only one man escaped, yet he brought hope with him that Randal Morn yet lives. Resolved to rescue his leader, that lone survivor turned to Elminster of Shadowdale for aid. But Elminster is gone, off plane-hoping while the fate of Daggerdale hangs in the balance. Hence, it is up to Lhaeo, scribe to the old mage, to find a group of heroes who have mettle enough to face down the menace which claimed Randal Morn and his hearty followers ……
The Dales need Hero’s, will you answer the call. This is an AD&D 2nd edition game. All complete handbooks are allowed. No Tome of Magic or other such material will be allowed. If you want something from one of those books just let me know and I will get it in the story somehow.
Characters will start out at level one roll for starting gold according to your class. Ability scores will be rolled using the 4d6 keep the highest three reroll 1’s method. Use this tag to roll the dice. [dice=roll ability scores] 4d6^3r1 [/dice] See the forum for application information

Application Selection Process will close 6/10/17 12:00 am CST
Today is the Last full day of the applicataion process if you were thinking of applying now is your chance.

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