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  • Created Sep 27 '12
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New Rules and Additions Have Been Added and Highlighted in Bold

Let me start by saying that this game will not be set in the canon Narutoverse that we are all used to. None of the characters from the series will be involved in this game at all.

I know a few people will not get the application process I am purposing here but I am trying to have an application process that has a little more involvement, there is also the benefit of actually see how each player actually role plays, it is one thing to write a good background and create a stunning character, but it is another thing to play that character the way you wrote them.

The game will be 2 phases, the first phase will be the "Application" phase. The "Application" phase will be purely PVP and I will be accepting all applications (this does not mean you should put less effort into the creation). Depending on how many initial applicants there are the "Application" phase will be up to 2 parts, if I have enough applicants the first part will be randomly selected teams of 3 that will face off against each other on 1 of 5 randomly selected battlefields I have created that are approximately 3 square kilometers and are each built on different terrains. You will not start a match with knowledge of the other teams whereabouts, you will have to search for the other team or player through RPing. Also if we get enough players to have team matches (at least 6) it will be capture the flag as opposed to death match, this way it allows for all types of ninja as brute force will not be the only determining factor. If I do not have enough applicants for part 1, then I will skip right to part 2 of the "Application" phase which will be 1v1 PVP on a smaller battlefield.

The top 4 characters from the "Application" phase will move on to the PVE "Campaign" phase of the game. I will be posting more information on the "Campaign" phase closer to the end of the "Application" phase.

So everyone is clear I will not be accepting players from the "Application" phase solely based on winning battles, there will be multiple factors, such as role playing and activity. To be sure that I get only serious players the "Application" phase will also have a 72 hour posting time limit, this means that if you do not reply to a post when it is your turn within 72 hours I will take control of your character and kill them off in one fell post. This is not to say that I am not willing to bend on this rule, if you contact me and let me know that you will not be able to make your post, I will take control of your character for the one post, this will give you the time to get back to your character for their next turn, however, I will only do this for each player twice, on the third time I have to take control of a player's character I will once again kill them off.

I will be personally reffing each and every battle and multiple battles will take place at one time to speed up the "Application" phase.

Character Creation

Everything should be from the Naruto D20 core rules and all of the supplementary books are allowed. Way of the Master, Sage's Handbook, Playwright's Primer, Relics Repository, and Conjurer's Codex Volume 1 and 2.

If you have something homebrew send it to me and I may approve of it for game play. I can't just allow anything or the game could get out of hand quickly.

All characters should start at LVL 10

All characters should be built using the "True Ninja" variant rule, I have somewhat modified it to keep things a little more under control, please see below:

Characters should;
be built using 40-point buy or 5d6, taking the three best, rerolling ones. (Choose 1 of the 2 and stick with what you get)
be able to move at up to 2 times his normal speed.
count as armed and deal lethal damage with unarmed strikes even without the Combat Martial Arts feat
begin play with the three basic techniques, Bunshin, Henge and Kawarimi
have Balance, Chakra Control, Climb, Disguise, Genjutsu, Hide, Listen, Move Silently, Ninjutsu, Search, Spot, Survival and Taijutsu as permanent class skills.
be able to recover Chakra loss twice as fast.

Since I have been asked multiple times now about how to calculate HP I thought I should put it into the info.

You roll your health based on character class, for example:

Hit Die
The Strong Hero gains 1d8 hit points per level. The Constitution modifier applies.

Then if you decide to multi-class to an advanced class you would roll for that class.

So Lets say at lvl 8 you decided you had the needed requirements to take your smart hero to puppeteer, you are taking your 8th lvl as a puppeteer and would roll HP according to that classes specs.

Techniques are now based on a tier system, see below:

Level 10 - 1 Tech
Level 9 - 2 Techs
Level 7 - 2 Techs
Level 5 - 3 Techs
Level 3 - 4 Techs
Level 1 - 5 Techs

That will give you a total of 20 Jutsu at level 10, and it automatically gives you the maximum you would be able to get at level 1. You will also get the equal number levels of mastery.

For wealth please roll 2d4+5+your occupation bonus

Pick your characters elemental affinity so that it fits your build

There are no Jinchuriki.

NO GUNS, I haven't thought of why the world wouldn't have guns, but would have cell phones and computers as well as cars. I could go with the outlawing them thing, but that doesn't make them unattainable. I will come up with something so just don't use them in your character creating.

Restricted Templates: Demons, Ripper, Immortal, Curse Mark and Corpsewalker.

In addition to the above I am also granting each character the following feats:

Improved Chakra Pool
Nin Weapons Proficiency

So I know everyone is waiting for this one :) After thinking about how to rule on the Shinobi Drugs I have decided the following.

Like everyone else I liked Sturrm's idea, so character creation will be limited to A and B Class drugs (rolling only for the acquiring of the drugs, no save check needed) and you will have to RP ICly if you want to further increase your stats. However, I also like Ultima's idea, so in game you will be able to find B-Class in an over the counter form in most shops, A-Class are restricted to military use (in which you all have access to being Jounin) and finally S-Class will be a street drug that is considered illegal to have, use and craft. There will be ways to get access to S-Class drugs, but just like RW street drugs you will have to know or find someone who has connections to such things (Please don't write into your BG that you know someone who sells street drugs).

Additionally I will be adding a techniques rule addition requested by Sturrm. You will be able to trade down techs so that you can acquire more lower level techs by sacrificing higher level techs. I am going to limit this to a max of 3 trades. Below is the trading list:

1 Level 9 tech can be traded for 2 level 7 or 3 level 6 or 4 level 5 or 5 level 4 or 6 level 3 or 7 level 2 or 8 level 1

1 Level 8 tech can be traded for 2 level 6 or 3 level 5 or 4 level 4 or 5 level 3 or 6 level 2 or 7 level 1

1 level 7 tech can be traded for 2 level 5 or 3 level 4 or 4 level 3 or 5 level 2 or 6 level 1

1 level 6 tech can be traded for 2 level 4 or 3 level 3 or 4 level 2 or 5 level 1

1 level 5 tech can be traded for 2 level 3 or 3 level 2 or 4 level 1

1 level 4 tech can be traded for 2 level 2 or 3 level 1

1 level 3 tech can be traded for 2 level 1

As for masteries, you will be given masteries equal to the number of gained techs halved and rounded down. Example; If you traded 1 level 9 tech for 3 level 6 then you will get one additional mastery. I don't want to give equal masteries because I am already giving you the chance to gain a shit ton of Jutsu, albeit lower level.

Appearance should by at least 3 sentences and does not require a picture.

Personality should be at least 1 paragraph and no more than 4.

Background should be at least 3 paragraphs and no more than 12.

That pretty much sums up the character creation.

Please keep all application questions within the Game Ad for now. I will be setting up the forum over the next couple of weeks and initial applications for phase 1 will be accepted up until October 15, 2012. If the "Application" phase is conducted in 2 parts I will be randomly creating teams and they will be posted no later than the 20th of October. Game play will start no later than the 25th of October.

I think that covers everything, if I missed something please let me know.


Brief Campaign Setting

The setting for the "Campaign" phase takes place in a version of modern day Japan where there are Ninja Villages that still battle with each other for a number of reasons, most often it is territory, but some are simply age old rivalries. There are 6 main Ninja Villages and many other smaller villages throughout Japan, but this setting will be mostly based around 3 of the 6 main villages. The 6 Ninja Villages are Nayoro, Hida, Mutsu, Niimi, Seiyo, and Kushima. There are 3 villages that have made peace with each other, though they do not usually work together, they have a truce which keeps them from fighting with each other. Though there is a truce it is not uncommon to hear about individual ninja from those villages battling each other. The 3 villages that have formed a truce amongst each other are Kushima, Seiyo and Niimi, all other villages are at each others throats and though there are times where there is peace, it does not last for long. Each village has a wide variety of Ninja with a multitude of different skills and abilities. Currently most of the villages are at equal strength and things are at somewhat of a standstill, one of those rare occasions of peace, unfortunately emotions run high and it would not take much to push any one villages leader to attack and shatter the unstable balance.

When creating your character you may be from Kushima, Seiyo or Niimi. The PVP really has nothing to do with the story line of the "Campaign" phase, but you should write your backgrounds from one of the 3 villages listed for them to fit into the story line of the campaign correctly. For the purposes of character creation being open to all concepts I have not set certain villages to have certain bloodlines and what not so you are not constricted when creating your character. One I have the final 4 I will set-up all of that information and post what I think the players should be aware of.


Just so everyone is aware I will be giving out experience and levels for characters during the "Application" phase and everyone should remember that the battles will take place on large terrains which means there will be a lot of role playing to find opponents and plan battle strategies.

My plans for the thread layout are to have 4 threads for each battle, the main battle thread where the actual action takes place, a tactics and strategy thread for each team or player, this is where all the stuff you don't want the other team to hear goes, an OOC thread for obvious reasons. I might come up with something else between now and the 15th, but for now that is my plan.

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