When the Night Comes

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The world is in a state of stagnation. Magic users hide away in secret, afraid to reveal their gifts to the world. The technological and magical advances of the Great Civilisations are long forgotten. People live their lives, sire children, and die. Very little changes. But alongside this void of stagnation, peace reigns. Small skirmishes occasionally happen, but wars are a distant memory of generations past, the civilised races mix and mingle freely, fearing little. The world has seen no evil for as long as any can remember, even the great flying lizards are now but a myth. Occasionally a small band of ‘barbarians’ will raid a village or trade caravan, but in general life proceeds at peace.

But something is changing in the world. Rumours of a southern kingdom amassing its armies start to reach the ears of the mainland lords. Whispers of strange creatures being seen at night on the borders and in isolated villages drift among the common folk.

In Shyran, one of the more propserous kingdoms, the great fortress of Riftgate falls silent. All couriers sent there fail to return, even a platoon of the Queens finest Lancers were never heard of again. No news for nearly two months. In desperation, a small group of adventurers are formed and requested to seek the answers to the silent fortress.

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