The Watchers of Ardail

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Game Information
  • Created Sep 30 '12
  • Last Post Sep 30 '12 at 7:01pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Pathfinder

Game Description

Erias was once a world full of powerful magic. Great mages helped raise the tallest towers, create the most powerful artifacts, and make even the most mundane tasks somewhat magical. Over time, however, the art was lost. Centuries passed, and the great mages died, leaving few who could cast magic more meaningful than parlor tricks.

As mages grew less prevalent, the world itself seemed to become more mundane. Though mages left many rare items and artifacts behind, magic was acquired to use the most powerful among them. Those with the ability to use such objects were known as Spelltouched. They became legends, performing great feats across the land. One of particular note was Nelladrie. A Spelltouched elven explorer with great martial skill, she became widely known for her discoveries in various caves across the land. One such discovery was a large, runed portal; an Inwer. The device was unearthed and brought to Menorion, a great elven city, where it was revealed and activated. Apon activation, the Inwer created a huge rift, a portal to another world.

After some cursory examination, the elves opened the rift to travelers of other races(for a fee, of course). Those brave enough to explore the lands beyond the Inwer discovered an untamed world; full of potential and danger. The elves named it Ardail, after a dangerous wizard-made gemstone.

A small fortress has been established at the other end of the Inwer, but most of the world has yet to be explored. Will you be brave enough to survive Ardail?

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