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2 players of 7th level
36pt build
Max HP for first 4 levels
Allowed Sources - All the completes, PHB 1&2, Expanded psionics

Alignment - preferably good but any considered (the denizens of the dungeon have their own agenda and would not consider an allegiance) and there is a paladin in the party.

Funds – Wealth by level 19,000 no single item to cost 50% (9,500)
(There may be freebies given to help you on your way)
Allowed classes – no dread necro’s and no eidolon or eidoloncer, no undead if anything else comes up that I feel will be inappropriate I will let the player know by PM.
No BoED, ToB or ToM.
No Flaws/Traits

Party consists of
Allen - Fighter?
Lei - Ranger/Scout
Brevin - Cleric
Derek - Cleric
There are currently 2 Npc's that could be taken over if the player wishes, they are

Amanda Cleric/Sorcerer
Sir Gryvon - Paladin

Players need to understand that this is a very hard dungeon, expect to die at some point (I will try to keep you all alive)

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