Barren Earth

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  • Created Oct 7 '12
  • Last Post Oct 9 '12 at 1:48am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Freeform

Game Description

Game for my sister only

In 2042 the world ended.

The apocalypse tore through humanity like a serrated knife- jagged and horrid. The hoards could not be stopped, no "pockets of resistance" sprung up- the military was overrun within a matter of days. Movies had lied, humanity could not endure, humanity could not even lift a finger to save itself. Civilians died in the millions.

But someone had been prepared. An ex-military director whom still had his hacked connections into the science labs of Base 19. Where the government saw possibilities, endless possibilities, Dr Thomas Howell saw only destruction and terror. Their experiments would not better humanity, would not end disease. He couldn't warn them though, he knew they'd never listen- the law never did.

So he bade his time. He harvested his resources.

He created Heaven.

The dropship "Heaven" was a self powering, self sufficient, militarized air borne base of operations. With functional green houses, waste disposal, air filtration, medical bays and bio-life link ups for its residents - the ship could live separate from the earth forever if it wanted to. But it was without it's most important aspect. Soldiers. Men whom would be needed to forage into the destroyed world.

The call went out to a dozen mercenaries that Dr Howell had been personally observing for some time. Hero's, men with morals, men with conviction- who had hope and love in their hearts. But killers. Ruthless killers who would stop at nothing to perform their duty.

In the end he hired five. Code named Abaddon (Heavy Weapons specialist), Gabriel (The Leader), Lucifer (The sniper), Michael (The Soldier), Raphael (The Medic). Their previous names were washed out, their prior lives wiped from memory. Lost family would do no man justice on the field of battle- amongst hordes that brought only death.

Metatron- the ships computer- was tasked with documenting the lives of the five men so that future generations would know of their deeds, so that children knew humanity did not fade and die quietly in the night like an animal. Humanity fought. This is Metatrons recollection of the years following 2042.

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