Elder Terror: War on Azathoth

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Elder Terror: War on Azathoth.

The Empire of Kalamar has long been under the rule of the House of Vilik. Its rule has long been fought with strife and hardship. The people of the empire suffering under the rule of leaders who have been inadequate at best and sometimes wholly evil. The tail of how the house of Vilik came into power is one shrouded in mystery and intrigue, and is something that is only discussed in harsh whispers and vague accusations.

The current ruler, Emporer Kabori I is no different from his predecessors, but his rule has been one that has far outweighed all of those who came before him. Kabori desires to untie the rule of Kalamar once again and heal the fractured empire and draw all nations under his rule once more. But Kabori will stop at nothing to achieve his ultimate power, and victory.

But Kabori is not the rightful ruler, and his rule, his desire, and his alliances are about to come to a head. .


On the small Continent of Malalsia 250 miles off the coast of Mendarn, the City of Manifest faces a new evil. The trials and tribulations of Tellene and its people are of little concern to the people of Malalsia. They find the people of Tellene nothing short of backwater and common in the harshest sense. Their concerns and ideas far outstretch those of Tellene and its people.

The long fought battle with the Yaun ti is one battle that has yet to be won, and is still taking its toll on the people of Manifest and the elves of of Corenial Maskantascia.

But the small island of Xaphan, led by the horrid undead worshipers of Orcus have not been so content to leave the people of Tellene to their own devices. The council of Vampires have long been forging an alliance with the nation Pel Brolenon of Tellene and alliance built for the sole purpose of the transportation of slaves.

An alliance that is about to have horrid and world changing consequences that will send an entire world spinning out of control, and could lead everything into a new erra of evil unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

Welcome to the War on Azathoth. . .

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