The Rise of Death

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For years the land of Ternis has known nothing but peace. Evil was few and far between, the only thing that realy threatened the land were irregular bandit attacks from some of the wilder nations. But things are beginning to change, and rumours are that a terrible evil is sweeping over Ternis and its neighbouring countries. But what it is, no-one knows... Many believe it is nothing but rumours.

In the small, sleepy town of Riverview there have been reports of people going missing. All these reports centre around one place; the temple a few miles off the town and the graveyard that surrounds it. The Adherents at the temple claim to know nothing, and they are trusted by the townsfolk as strict followers of Pelor. But even so Lord Verlin, the Lord in charge of the town and the surrounding areas, is suspicious of the temple and the way people are dissapearing around it. So he's sent a group of adventurers to investigate...

This is were the adventure begins. The characters begin with this task to explore the temple, but it may escalate into more.

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