Swords & Wizardry: Before the Fall

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The nations upon the continent of Azebron are business as usual. Kingdoms on the brink of war, goblin and orc raids, slave trading by monstrous tribes and adventurers seeking loot and glory.

However, something greater looms over everything else. Something of great evil and power. In the coming months and years, the precursors to a great evil will begin arriving, with every intention of tearing the world of Iomedora asunder. Blood will run in the streets and fill the seas. Fear and pain will fill the souls of all living creatures.

An apocalypse of biblical proportions threatens to destroy the world, and even the wisest of sages won't see it coming!

The end of the Third War was a bittersweet victory against the agents of Atropus, the Elder Evil nearly 1,500 years, nearly eliminating life itself. Will a Fourth War occur, or is there someone brave enough and powerful enough to step up and stop the apocalypse?

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