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  • Created Nov 2 '12
  • Last Post Feb 21 '13 at 9:18pm
  • Status Complete
  • System Dresden Files

Game Description

Setting: Stillwater, a fictional town on the Georgia coast where I ran a previous game to completion. It houses Shepard Navy Base (mostly decomissioned), and a now thriving downtown, revitalized when an out of town business consortium came in, bought the majority of the property, and turned it in to a luxury tourist destination. It's north of Savannah, south of Charleston, and growing, rapidly. It's current population is somewhere north of 300,000 residents, including the suburbs. It goes up another tick or 10,000 when you count the supernatural residents. See, Stillwater is growing in more ways than one.

Shepard Navy Base houses...something, a rift, gate, no one's really sure. Except that going in to it brings you to a country that looks remarkably like Norway circia 1100...except colder. The base is patrolled by small groups of "private soldiers", a force that bought the land after the Navy finished shutting down operations there a year ago.

The swamps to the south of Stillwater, are an interesting place. They used to be an antebellum plantation, still holding the manor house and surrounding buildings, just mostly overgrown. They're said to be haunted, by what? Most sane people don't venture in to try and find out, and the ones who do, don't come out sane.

Still, despite the weird, there's plenty of good in Stillwater. The town has been spared the economic devastation of the rest of the region, thriving and growing over the past few years at a remarkable pace. The residents are, for the most part, happy and content with their lives...

Except for the undercurrent of titanic power struggles. The Courts, all six of them, have taken an interest in Stillwater, the newly crowed, City of Gates. Magic flows just under the streets, through ley lines long thought dormant. Many groups have laid claim to these lines, and fierce battles that threaten to overflow to the unsuspecting populace have erupted.

Stillwater is drawing power like a magnet, pulling in even those who would rather stay above the fray.

House Rules Information:

I said six Courts in the description, and meant it. There are four Major Courts (Summer, Winter, Life, Death) and two Minor Courts (Order, Chaos). I've expanded the official roles for each Court, to give some more flexibility, should you want to serve in them. Some of the positions are already filled, and I'll note that below.

The Courts:

High Courts:

Queen - Titania
Summer Lady - Lily
Knight - Open
Squire - Open

Queen - Mab
Winter Lady - Maeve
Knight - Open
Squire - Open

Low Courts:

Queen - Filled
Duchess - Open
Knight - Open
Squire - Open

King - Filled
Duke - Filled
Knight - Filled
Squire - Open

The Houses:

High House:

Queen - Siobhan
Knight - Open
Squire - Open
Reaper - Jason Ross

King - Aleric
Knight - Filled
Squire - Open
Healer - Open

Low House:

Prince - Weyland
Squire - Filled
Judge - Open

Prince - Loki
Squire - Open
Jester - Open

The Courts and the Houses are in very direct conflict for...well, a lot of resources both in this world and ranging the entire Nevernever.

Character Creation:
Refresh: 8
Skill Points: 30 (Skill Cap +5)

This uses the Dresden Rules, and most of the structure, but is non-cannonical when it comes to the books, at least in the events of Harry Dresden. The White Council, various vampire courts and such all exist, as do Denarians et all. I'm open to adding additional factions to the game as well.


Applicants should contribute 1 Theme, 1 Threat, and 2 NPC's, as well as a broad character sketch for their application. I'll be accepting applications from now through Nov. 16, and will decide on accepted players the week of Thanksgiving (US). We'll finalize characters the last week of November, and then the game will start the first week of Dec.

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