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The Under House, The Unknown, The First.

House Azeroth has kept its greatest secret for over 1900 years- the fact that it exists. Its brood consists of Eberrons greatest Psions- trained from birth to obscure House Azeroth's presence from any form of detection.

Finders Guild: Knowledge
Warding Guild: Protection
Heraldic Beast: Displacer Beast
Race: Changeling or Elf

House Azeroth's agents, despite the House's obscurity, are everywhere. Operating for years at a time without any contact from another agent or even its Matriarch, the agents of Azeroth are prodigies in manipulation and information obtainment. You are one such agent.

Teleported inside Sharn you stand outside the bar to the Breathless Wench, a brothel of no small repute- allegedly containing a patron whom has the creation pattern to House Cannith's warehouse in the docking district. This would be useless, if the warehouse weren't known to contain a crate with a passphrase that allows access to a tower within Sharn that houses a vial containing the blood of Vol.

Last night your dreams contained more than their usual flippancy- a telepathic message delivered via a linked relay back to House Azeroth- the true source of the message scrambled beyond even your capabilities - You were given instructions to infiltrate the tower and retrieve the Vial- Making sure it appears as though House Tharashk has stolen the relic. If you killed no one in the mission- the gifts granted to you after your success were unimaginable.

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