High School Girls RPG

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Game Information
  • Created Nov 9 '12
  • Last Post Feb 10 '13 at 4:00am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Miscellaneous

Game Description

Hello! Is anyone interested in a game of High School Girls RPG (a French amateur tabletop game where you play as high school girls)?

You are just an ordinary American high school girl. You know the drill. Going to class. Finding a boyfriend (or a girlfriend). Stuff like that.

Well, I lied. You are heiresses of a legendary demon hunting warrior clan. You must fight back against demonic schemes. You aren't as ordinary as you first thought, and your power is awakening. But surely spending the night fighting demons is no excuse for dozing off in class, or for turning in a project two days late...

So, are you ready to defend the part of the world under your responsibility?

The system is pretty simple. It uses only a 10 sided die compared to a skill.

Also, I would like between 3 and 5 players. That's all.

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