Castlevania: Legacy of Chaos

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  • Created Nov 15 '12
  • Last Post Jul 7 '13 at 3:05am
  • Status Complete
  • System Pathfinder

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Game Description

A Pathfinder game taking place inside Dracula's Castle.

As humanity's faith wanes once more, and darkness creeps through the hearts of men, Dracula's Castle returns and with it comes the King of the Night. The return of the castle brings fear to all who see it, but an even greater fear has started to spread. The heir to the Belmont line entered the castle a year ago and has not been heard from since. Both he and the whip Vampire Killer have vanished.

Now the world is gripped with fear, worrying if theirs will be the next city ravaged by Dracula's horde. Those who are brave enough to challenge Dracula and the horrors of his castle have left to enter that unholy place. Some leave in search of vengeance for murdered friends and family, others for justice and the will of the Church, while others still follow more selfish goals, aiming simply to pillage the castle of its riches.

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