Mobile Suit Gundam: Soldiers of Sorrow

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Game Information
  • Created Nov 17 '12
  • Last Post Dec 7 '12 at 6:29am
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Future

Game Description

It is the year 0079 of the Universal Century. A half-century has passed since Earth began moving its burgeoning population into gigantic orbiting space colonies. A new home for mankind, where people are born and raised. And die.

After years of arms buildup and failed negotiations, the Principality of Zeon has declared an open war of independence from the Earth Federation, the unified world government of both Earth and the space colonies. Their intention is nothing less than the complete destruction of the Federal government, that they may be not only independent but the sole dominant power of the Earth Sphere. Their willingness to use any and all means to secure victory, including the use of biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction, lead to staggering casualty rates amongst both civilians and the Earth Federation Space Forces, forcing the heavily outmatched EFSF to retaliate with the Federation's nuclear arsenal. And even that is not the worst to come...

The key to Zeon's overwhelming military advantage is the revolutionary new weapons system they deployed: mobile suits, giant mechanized bipedal assault units that completely change the face of war. But the Earth Federation is rapidly developing its own mobile suits through the massive but secretive V Project. On the Federation warship Ark Royal, a pilot training program is underway to train mobile suit pilots. But now that the war has begun, they have to wonder... who will survive?

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