The Company of Light: A Greyhawk Age of Worms Campaign

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This is a play-by-post continuation of a one-on-one tabletop Age of Worms/Greyhawk campaign. DM is Peruhain, player is Hinkelfink. A campaign journal of the campaign from its inception is on the Paizo messageboards: Company of Light campaign journal.

Membership in the game is closed, but readers are welcome to share vicariously in the adventures of the Brothers Delaluc!As play opens, the Company of Light is staying in the sleepy village of Magepoint, by the shores of the Lake of Unknown Depths and in the shadow of the fortress of the Archmage Tenser. Having determined that their quest to solve the mystery of the Age of Worms prophecy requires a long and difficult journey to the steamy jungles of the distant south, the party's wizard, the dwarf Barbazad "Bluebeard" Grobadore, wishes to craft a powerful staff to aid his comrades against the challenges that lie ahead. His comrades, however, are restless, and are contemplating undertaking a short quest on behalf of Cannorial El'atherian, a Knight of Luna and an elf from the Kingdom of Celene.

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