Shadows of the Past

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  • Created Feb 11 '08
  • Last Post Jun 17 '08 at 5:49am
  • Status Complete
  • System Call of Cthulhu

Game Description

The Speaker in Dreams is a Lovecraftian exercise in horror and mystery. Set in the roaring 20's, 1925 to be exact. The adventure begins in New York. The story expands from there at the player's own direction as supported by found, or unfound, clues. This story demands an Investigator blessed with a sharp wit, an eye for detail, steady finances, good language skills, and a willingness to persevere despite governmental influence and supernatural harrassment.

The Carlyle Expedition

The Carlyle Expedition sailed from New York in 1919, led by Roger Carlyle (age 24), a millionaire playboy who inexplicably turned from the life of a wastrel to finance and head an archaeological expedition to Egypt. The principle members of the expedition were Sir Aubrey Penhew (age 54), titled, wealthy, and a noted Egyptologist; Hypatia Masters (age 27), a beautiful society girl and an accomplished photographer and linguist; Jack "Brass" Brady (age 36), mercenary soldier, weapons expert, and Carlyle's confidant and bodyguard; and Dr. Robert Hutson (age 52), fashionable psychoanalyst and interpreter of dreams.

The members sailed from New York to London, to meet with Sir Aubrey Penhew. After a few weeks they departed for Egypt. Using Cairo as a base of operations, the expedition performed several short desert excavations. An important find of supposedly Biblical proportions, was rumored, but the expedition refused comment to reporters. The principal members departed to Mombasa, Kenya, and quickly went inland to Niarobi for some "well-earned rest" Sir Aubrey Penhew debunked rumors that the expedition had discovered clues to the legendary wealth of the lost mines of King Solomon, maintaining that the party was going on safari.

That was the last time anyone ever saw or heard from the Carlyle Expedition.

The rest is up to you...At long last the stars are almost right. Soon ancient plans will come to fruition. The world will be changed irrevocably – but not quite yet. Pesky human investigators have learned much, but can they survive long enough to make sense of what they know?

Horrifying deeds and dangerous sorcery dog those who attempt to unravel the fate of the Carlyle Expedition. Are you brave enough to try?

“That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange eons even death may die.” Welcome to Call of Cthulhu! If you have ever been enthralled by a ghost story or spellbound at a horror movie, you are in for a treat. Part the veil that separates frail humanity from the terror that lurks beyond space and time. Investigate forgotten ruins, haunted locales, and nameless menaces.

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