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  • Created Feb 20 '08
  • Last Post May 20 '08 at 3:20am
  • Status Aborted
  • System GURPS

Game Description

The lands of Caithness: rich in opportunities for the rising generation of Chivalry.What is a squire? Fundamentally he is an apprentice in the service of a master of his trade, just like any other profession. The master teaches the apprentice the trade, and in return the apprentice performs services for the master. But a master may not confer the title of “Master” on his own apprentice—only another master can do that. That is why there is the intermediate step of journeyman. A journeyman must travel and ply his trade abroad. By so doing, he is exposed to new concepts and innovations in his field. Hopefully the journeyman catches the eye of another master, who will grant the title of “Master” after the journeyman’s skill is thoroughly tested. So it is with knighthood. A squire can only be knighted by another knight who is not his lord. It is time for you, squire, to end your apprenticeship and become a journeyman.

Being a squire also has a darker side. It is a continuation of the ancient practice of the giving and taking of hostages. You are fostered out to a Lord who becomes responsible for your training and wellbeing, but your parents must stay in the good graces of your lord, or your life may be forfeit.

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