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Game Information
  • Created Feb 23 '08
  • Last Post Jul 27 '10 at 1:38am
  • Status Complete
  • System Star Wars

Game Description

It's a rough life in the Outer Rim. Far from the comforts of the Republic, law and order take on a different meaning. Organized militaries, uniforms, polished ships and the rule of law give way to patchwork militias, pirate gangs and desperate settlers who do anything they can to eke out an existence on the far edge of the galaxy.

You were part of such a group, members of a ragtag militia in charge of security of a small 3-system sector. The settlers didn't really care much for you, but you were marginally better than the pirate-gangs who plagued the Outer Rim. You only charged a ridiculous fee for your services; pirates tended to take everything that wasn't nailed down. Including settlers.

But even militia-gangs have standards and you, along with a couple of others, were ejected from the gang. Your offense wasn't enough to simply have you spaced -- no, exile was your fate. You and your fellow offenders were unceremoniously dropped off on a sparsely populated moon to fend for yourselves.

Your story starts here, in the middle of No and Where with barely enough to keep you alive for a few days. Will you become another unknown statistic, or will you blaze a trail to your own glory?

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