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It was a bright, sunny day as the elf patrolled his piece of the wood. He jumped carefully from tree to tree, following the same path he had followed every day for years. It wasn't a dangerous area, but the elders would always err on the side of caution. Hearing a strange noise, he froze in place and quickly checked in every direction.

The noise came from a bizarre blue disc hanging in midair not too far away. It hadn't been there a minute ago. He approached it slowly and quietly, stalking through the trees to reach it. The disc pulsed as if it had a slow heartbeat, and made a strange, metallic sound with each pulse. His bow was already out with an arrow nocked, but he raised it and pulled back on the string, ready to loose the missile.

Nothing happened for a while, and he began to feel a little silly. Threatening a blue disc large enough for a troll to walk through with a pointy stick made no sense. Overwhelmed by curiosity, he relaxed the tension on the bow and put a hand up to touch the blue light. When his hand was less than an inch away, tendrils reached out and grabbed it, then pulled him in, bow and all.

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