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New horizons will be an E6 campaign. This means that characters are slightly limited in their development. The rules for an E6 game can be found here. The game focus will primarily be on character development, planning, and such challenges, rather than battle. The limits imposed by the system should lead to increase in creativity, or at least I hope so. The characters will be challenged to band together and make something out of the opportunity of a new world with a much more limited social structure than most D&D settings. Of course, the infancy of their new society will lead to a host of challenges.The tumult is passed. Your ears still ring with the crashing of waves, and your stomach seems not to have yet taken note of of the solidity of the ground beneath your feet. Your legs continue to try to steady yourself against the pitching of the deck they strode upon for so many days and nights. The settlement isn't much to look at. A ramshackle smattering of thrown together buildings with thatch roofs. Livestock roam down the main thoroughfare...scrawny livestock. You look about at those you shared a cargo-hold with these long weeks, noting the same mix of hope, queasiness, fear and anticipation that you feel. One can make their life here, in this unchartered and uncivilized land. A chance to start at the beginning. Land for the taking, markets for the canny, your destiny will be limited only by the strength of your will...

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