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In order to get my feet wet, I shall be running "The God in the Lake", a module from Lords of Madness, so those who have read it, please forget you ever saw it... now.

Applications should include:
A name
Class and Race (And class levels if multiclassing)
A physical description
A psychological description (read: personality)
A background. The world beyond the borders of Raven's Lake is not defined, so your imagination can run free. Sharn-esque cities, tiny hamlets... run wild.
A reason you are in Raven's lake. You might be a concerned or meddling local, an adventurer finding the looks of sadness he is regarded with by the townsfolk odd, or a cleric sent to investigate why clerics of St. Cuthbert never stay in town for longer than a month. (This can be incorporated into your background if you wish)
A general description of what your build is about (AoO, charger, ranged, blaster, support, sneak etc.)
Optionally, a sample IC post
A character sheet is optional at this stage.

Character creation rules
All alignments are allowed.
32 point buy. Here's a handy calculator for those too lazy to calculate by themselves.
Starting ECL 6.
Standard starting gold (13,000 gp)

I'll be accepting 4 or 5 characters.

Remember, I'm new to DMing. You have been warned.In the midst of a small forest lies the sleepy vilage of Raven's Lake. Named after the lake it was built at, the peaceful community houses a mainly human population of farmers, hunters, and artisans. Though there is also something else. According to various tales, an ancient god resides in the village's namesake. Most stories have it snatch away unruly children in a somewhat obvious attempt to scare them into behaving properly. Thus, most travellers dismiss the "god in the lake" as a children's tale. However, the citizens of Raven's Lake know something lives in there. People who wander too close to the lake too late at night go missing, only to return weeks later with no memory they were ever absent, far too often to call it a coincidence. The local church of St. Cuthbert has been abandoned seven times in the last two years, each time its lone cleric packing hastily and leaving town without a single word. The odd adventurer who comes to Raven's Lake, by coincindence or to investigate the disappearance of a friend, is seldomly seen again.

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