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  • Created May 3 '08
  • Last Post Mar 25 '09 at 4:08pm
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars

Game Description

PCs are the crew of an independently owned and operated space transport, trying to make a living beyond the reach of regularly patrolled Imperial space, while avoiding pirates, corrupt local governments, and rebels. They do not operate as a band of professional criminals. Rather, they are fringers and spacers who have been forced into a life in which they take jobs "no questions asked."

This is a Star Wars SAGA game meant to have a flavor more like Firefly or Cowboy Bebop. The game is set squarely in the Star Wars Universe during the Rebellion Era sometime before Bail Organa, Mon Mothma, and Garm Bel Iblis brought the largest revolutionary groups together to sign the Correlian Treaty: creating a single unified opposition force that would come to be known as the Alliance to Restore the Republic..

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away
Cue the Star Wars opening theme

It is a period of civil unrest and increasing danger among the stars. It started with the Galactic Empire's unprecedented restriction of non-human rights, the dismantling of the civilian holonet that links the galaxy, and the crackdown on free trade via new trade tariffs and tighter weapons and shields restrictions on all private and commercial transports. The new tarrifs increased the cost of trade goods and gave rise to increased smuggling across the galaxy; while weapon and shielding restrictions increased piracy beyond the heavily patrolled core worlds, further driving up the cost of shipping, destroying the economies of entire systems.

Racial restrictions and economic frustrations soon led to nonviolent demonstrations which were met with force by the Empire. As demonstrations shifted from nonviolent to violent, they were answered by the full force of the Imperial war machine. The resulting Imperial atrocities in turn gave rise to isolated pockets of organized armed resistance which were crushed even more quickly. The Emperor made it clear that he would tolerate no open rebellion, and so the rebels went underground.

Faced with the growing instability of trade among the non-core space lanes, enterprising element of the the business and trade sectors, as well as a growing number of planetary governments beyond the core took matters into their own hands to protect their interests: illegally modifying ships and even creating small paramilitary units to deal with pirate activity. It was a only a matter of time before some of these private unknown paramilitary militias merged their interests with those of covert rebels. Already, various corporations, trade consortia, and and even whole worlds are providing quiet support for the growing rebellion, discreetly supplying weapons and other aid where possible. Scattered forces of rebel spaceships, strike from hidden bases across the galaxy, inflicting token harm against the evil Galactic Empire in a game of cat and mouse.

In response to the spread of armed resistance, the Empire has launched an unprecedented campaign of trade and travel restrictions designed to prevent resistance groups from spreading across Sectors. These increased trade and travel restrictions have inadvertently made life very difficult for legitimate tramp freighters trying to earn a descent living.

Faced with increasing Imperial restrictions and brutalities of the core, and the dangers of the poorly patrolled pirate infested outer rim, many independent transport owners find themselves walking a fine line between the two. Some have resorted to taking jobs that are less than legitimate: smuggling, robbery, ship jacking, bounty hunting, privateering... whatever it takes to pay the bills. In these troubled times of oppression and rebellion, many tramp freighter captains are taking jobs "no questions asked."

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