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In the world of Rhila, you live in the city of Rak'Than, one of two sister cities known for their abundance. Even with this fruitful excess, trouble has struck.

The city has an abundance of problems, all of which will require foresight, innovation, and a hearty helping of hope to solve.In the shadow of the Light of the Paragon, all is made well. All is redeemed. Wonder is given new life... or so you've thought. Growing up in the splendor of Rak'Than, many of its citizens have become blind to the fact that not all is well in their city. In a metropolis, there is an abundance of room for things to go terribly, terribly wrong.

The Gilt Coin, whose hands once touched immeasurable wealth (not all of it their own), find themselves on tough times. Their livelihood is being taken from them. Is the altruism and law-abiding nature of the ones who are scouring them from the city truly circumspect?

The Necropolis in the sister city of Rak'Thul has exposed its underbelly. Who knows what dwells beneath the resting dead when the theocracy that rules refuses to acknowledge anything is amiss?

Aos the Blind, who was once a very visible member of the Paragon, has secluded himself away from his subjects. Does the master still reside in the city?

Children from the homes and streets of those less fortunate are disappearing at an alarming rate. What is happening to these poor souls that the bodies cannot be found?

A sickness has taken hold in the largest residential district, causing those who are afflicted to vomit up bile, have festering sores, and betimes die of starvation. It has claimed the lives of nearly five families, so far. What is causing this illness that seems to have no cause? The clerics cannot cure the ailment and the disease spreads at complete random. The epidemic that is in the wings surely must be stopped.

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