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The campaign will rely heavily on investigation and solving mysteries, and less with hack&slash.
In fact, I will reward the players more XP for resolving a situation without the use of deadly force.
That said, there will be times when combat is inevitable, so your characters should be able to fight,
and I will not award you more XP for not stopping the evil bad guy from killing babies.

How successful you are interacting with NPCs will be determined more by your imagination than rolls.Calsuntil Grea founded what would become the Diggers’ Union in 808 YK as a society of professors and adventurers from the newly founded Wroat campus of Morgrave University all of whom were dedicated to the exploration of Xen’drik. It may be more apt to say that Grea created a confederation of opportunists who tired of getting the leftovers of Xen’drik artifacts from the Sharn campus of Morgrave University and paying exorbitant prices for those scraps.

The Digger's Union attract all kinds of fortune seekers, investigators, scholars and warriors.
Generally, the Union is held in very low esteem by the Dragonmarked Houses, as it is sort of a "poor-man's guild" compared to the nobility of the Houses.
The Union's leadership seldom or never asks how its members acquire information or artifacts, and how the missions are carried out are left to the appointed members' resourcefulness.
Nor do the meddle in the personal affairs of their affiliated "Diggers" and they leave the members to sort out personal differences on their own.
Conflicts within the guild is common, both due to the great variety of world views and disagreements in moral issues as well as constant fights for better positions in the hierarchy.

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