The Sunless Citadel

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"All things roll here: horrors of midnights,
Campaigns of a lost year,
Dungeons disturbed, and groves of lights;
Echoing on these shores, still clear,
Dead ecstasies of questing knights-
Yet how the wind revives us here!"
-Arthur Rimbaud

South of Oakhurst lies the ravine, avoided by all. The only true fact known of it is that there is the remains of ancient ruins inside of it. It's rumors speak of death to all that enter it, most likely because of the goblins that live in its depths. Each solstice they bring the town a ruby red fruit or a pale white fruit, on the summer and winter solstices respectively, which have magical powers. The red fruit heals all who eat it of all disease and medical problems, while the white does the opposite. It is given to the highest bidder, and this activity has gone on for the past twelve years. Attempting to cultivate this fruits, the townspeople plant the seeds from them in a nearby field. As they grow they become a mass of twigs, unlike any other plant the town has seen. Once the twigs reach two feet the plants are stolen in the night. The townsfolk believe it is the goblins attempting to keep a monopoly on the magic fruit, although it has not been proven.

Recently, a group of four adventurers went into the ravine, and haven't been seen since. Two members, Talgen and Sharwyn, were members of a family of merchants, the Hucrele's. Kerowyn, the matriarch, has contacted you, hoping for Talgen and Sharwyn to be found alive in the ravine. She offers a reward for the recovery of either their bodies or signet rings, and offers significantly more for their return alive. She has asked you to come to Oakhurst to discuss the prospect.

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