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Game Information
  • Created Jun 6 '08
  • Last Post Oct 23 '08 at 6:17pm
  • Status Complete
  • System D20 Future

Game Description

In the year 2096, it is a period of darkness as the world as we know has been turned upside down. As the power of each governmental body throughout the world loses its strength due the fact of their overreliance on the corporate powers that aided that each political ruler once used to get more power. The corporations begin to gain control over different parts of the world and by the time the UN stepped in it was too late as several corporate powers began to take up arms against the UN and several governmental powers. Eventually even the UN could do nothing and it eventually dissolved.

In the amount of 5 years most of the world was consumed by pure capitalism as each corporation evolved into megacorporations claiming a part of the world as their own and using its resources to gain more power. Corporations that compete with another on the same product turn resource rich areas into warzones(ex. Apple and Microsoft fighting at Silicon Valley). The only time the corporations gather together is to fight communism due to the fact that all of Eastern Europe and Western Asia have made a new Warsaw Pact with the newly reborn Soviet Union. The only other places not under both sides control are the areas of least desire the areas that have no value what so ever other than to have land. These areas are known as the wastelands.

The rise of true capitalism has also increased the need for hired guns due to the fact that the corporations fighting each other always killed several soldiers enlisted in their main armies. Mercenaries began to create different organizations so that their armies would highly trained and organized to the best of their abilities and how deep their pockets were. One group simply known as Requiem is known to be a mysterious organization headed by a man named Roland. Roland is shadowy man with rumors linking him to a mysterios agency that the UN created shortly before its fall. Roland is also known to hire only those who thinks has great potential.This is a game that is combat oriented. This game consists of many players who will be working with different groups over the course of this entire game.

Requiem is a game for those who like heavy combat, with some story added on to it.

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