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Welcome to Evil DnD.
This game will be in some what a Focus of the Lawful Evil alignment, though folks of all alightments (aside from perhaps lawful good) will have a chance to find a niche should they so wish.

Character creation.... Still working on that, something not to powerful but I am concidering working with people.

Chances are the overarching plot will be slowly working ones way up, though title or employment the DarkLords food chain.Welcome to the Obsidian Citidal, home of the Darkest lords of the realm. Generations ago they brought the peace of the land that only tyrants can bring. There has been no war, little starvation or other civil ills in their time. But prophets speak of an uprisings. Border nations have rebuilt their armies and speak of conquoring. Small town priests speak herasy of gods of light. There is turmoil, there is chaos. Now there is a chance for those willing to make a name for themselves, to gain great power in doing so.

The game will open in the least of the courts of the Obsidian Hall, the only one truely open to the public.

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