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A game based on a large city traded where politics, intrigue, rivalry, and war is set against the backdrop of sinister and creeping darkness tries to snuff out the city’s light forever.

A D&D 4e game set in a points of light setting, where the party vive for power, fame and there place in the city of Dys.The City of Dys stands in the Ranmyo sea and was once apart of the Invertin Empire, Now ages after the fall of the empire Dys is one of the few beacons of civilization left. However now the darkness stirs… people have gone missing, sightings of monsters and rumors of people acting like raving madmen have made the Ruling Merchant Princes act.The Princes of made a decree that any hero’s brave enough to step forward shall be rewarded with power, wealth and place in the city.

Even as people step up to the defend the city’s light the tide of evil and darkness just keeps flowing in to the city

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