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Using a the Lone Wolf Adventure Game and Heroes of Magnamund, we relive the old Lone Wolf game books, forging our own version of the events there. The time for adventure has come! Go forth young warriors and bring the light of Kai to Magnamund.

The system is based closely on the one used in the old Lone Wolf gamebooks by Joe Dever, available for free on the Project Aon Website. The scenarios are based on the origional books with some changes to keep it fresh for the players and to fit with a group game, rather than the solo game. Think of it like a re-remake of a movie.

There are 7 characters in this game:
Dawn Thunder - Kai-Lord
Storm Sparrow - Kai-Lady
Jarvik - Ice Barbarian

True Song - Kai-Lord - Disapeared in woods while seeing to an injured soldier during the Battle of Alema Bridge. Assumed dead. (Flight from the Dark)
Bright Shield - Kai-Lord - Remained behind at the Battle of Alema Bridge to defend the injured prince. Gave his life there so others, including Prince Pelathar, might survive (Flight from the Dark)
Night Fox - Kai-Lord - Died in a Giak ambush while travelling through the Wildlands with an escort of Sommerlund Knights. (Fire on the Water)
Shadow Raven - Kai-Lord - Died in trap set by Viveka the Mercenary near Gorn Cove (Fire on the Water)


The Story So Far … 
You are heroes— the company of last of the Kai Lords of Sommerlund, and sole survivors of the massacre that destroyed them during a bitter war with Sommerlund's age-old enemies, the Darklords of Helgedad.

It is midwinter in your northern homeland and a mantle of snow lies knee-deep in the streets of Holmgard—the capital—when you are summoned from the monastery in the hills by a messenger bearing a scroll, signed and sealed by the hand of King Ulnar. You are surprised to read the King’s message, for it is a request for your help in solving an urgent problem of what he describes as ‘great diplomatic importance’. It seems a strange request to make of a warrior of renown, whose skills are better suited to the field of battle than to parleying with foreign envoys. However, you obey the summons and upon your arrival at the capital, all is made clear.

The Zakhan of Vassagonia, the imperial ruler of this desert empire, has sent his most trusted envoy to seek a treaty of peace between your two countries, and you have been asked to sign the treaty on behalf of your country. The reason for this is easily apparent.

Less than a year ago, a renegade noble of Vassagonia called Barraka led his army of bandits in an attack upon the Sommlending province of Ruanon. This mining town and much of the surrounding land was overrun and destroyed. Many Sommlending lost their lives, and many more were enslaved and forced to labour in the mines of the Maaken Range. When the regular convoy from Ruanon failed to arrive at the capital, the king sent you to investigate. A great battle ensued in which you defeated Barraka in mortal combat. Without your courage and skill, the safety of Sommerlund and all of the Lastlands would have been placed in grave peril.

‘Your majesty, the Zakhan is gravely embarrassed by Barraka’s foul treachery, and is most anxious that our friendship and trust be restored. He begs that you send the warriors who defeated Barraka, to sign a treaty of peace with him at the Grand Palace in Barrakeesh,’ whimpers the Zakhan’s emissary, as he kneels at the feet of King Ulnar.

The king rises from his throne, barely able to conceal his distaste for the fawning envoy. He turns his gaze to you and bids you follow him to the privacy of an antechamber.

‘I have no liking for this desert realm, but I like the prospect of war even less. The Zakhan is old and frail, and has no son to claim his throne when he dies. Barraka was but one of many ruthless nobles who wait like jackals for the chance to seize power, and I fear they grow too impatient to allow the Zakhan to die a natural death. The treaty may not guarantee peace with Vassagonia once the Zakhan is dead, but it will at least buy us precious time to strengthen our southern border.’

The king leads you to a window and points towards the harbour, barely visible through the falling snow. A Vassagonian galley lies anchored close to the harbour wall.

‘Go to Vassagonia. Sign the treaty and return quickly. Even with the promise of peace, I fear the shadow of war will fall upon us before the year is out.’

Kai Wisdom

Your mission is one of peaceful diplomacy—but beware! The desert empire of Vassagonia is notorious for being a land of deceit and treachery. Be on your guard at all times. Also, make notes as you progress, as you will find they will be of great help in future adventures.

Many things that you find will aid you during your adventure. Some Special Items will be of use in future Lone Wolf adventures and others may be red herrings of no real use at all, so be selective in what you decide to keep.

May the spirits of your the Kai Masters guide you on your perilous adventure.

Good Luck!

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