The Good, the Bad and the Worse

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Game Information
  • Created Jun 11 '08
  • Last Post Feb 7 '09 at 2:44am
  • Status Aborted
  • System Star Wars

Game Description

Villains, scum, dregs of the galaxy. You've been called all these and worse. However for better or worse your all criminals, and this is how you made you ways in the galaxy. Until now.

The year is 1003 BBY, and bad luck has caught up to you. Arrested and tried, you all have been found guilty and now find yourselves on a prison transport to the slave mines of Kessel. Where your apparent fate to live out the rest of your miserable lives under hard labor awaits you.

Fate is a fickle thing, and luck a strange bedfellow. So what luck it would be that good luck would rear it's strange head again and find the prison transport under attack. Your fate, well that's another matter altogether. But luck would find you in the company of a man, a strange little man that offers you a job. The jobs are to skip all over the galaxy and obtain various ancient artifacts, by any means necessary.

But what of these artifacts? What purpose do they serve? And what interest does this strange little man have in them? Will you follow fate as a strange and dangerous premise unfolds? Will you continue to be criminals or will the ever increasing thoughts of the destruction of the galaxy sway you to, for once in your lives, do what is right?The wind whipped the sand across the desert planets surface, no man in his right mind would be out in such a sand storm. But there are more than a few men in the galaxy not of their right mind. Along the horizon finds a group of such men. Among the sandstorm they are digging frantically, while another stands off to the side. All are garbed in clothes that cover their exposed skin, faces draped in scarves and goggles.

The men dig as the lone man paces back and forth, suddenly drawn from his inner thoughts by a shout, "WE'VE FOUND IT!" One man shouts above the storm and climbs from the hole with something in hand. As he climbs out the lone man approaches in several long strides and literally snatches the item from his hand. It is wrapped, the cloth worn and brown, but intact. The man unwraps the item to reveal the crystal within, and his heart jumps at the sight. "Yes, yes!" He mumbles and yanks off his goggles, ignoring the stinging sand. His hands caress the crystal as he nods his head and slowly the laughter begins. It starts low and rises until soon the maniacal laughter can be heard over the storm, the mans eyes wide and wild, causing the others to take a step back.

One man steps forward, "You have what your seek, now pay us what you owe." He barks at the man. He doesn't even look at them, he simply stares at the crystal, "Payment, yes of course. Payment." He mumbles and with a wave of his hand the men suddenly grasp their heads, their mouths open in screams that blend with the storms wail as their eyes roll back white and they collapse to the sand, dead. The man pulls his goggles back down and shoves the crystal into a bag before glancing about at the dead men, the blowing sand already covering their bodies. "Dead men tell no tales." He mumbles, and disappears into the sandstorm.

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