Heroes Rise From the Ashes of Children

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Until now, life has been a game, but with the gods suddenly being forced into mortal forms and terrible beasts dubbed monsters appearing it is time to stop playing. It is time to cast down our childish lives and become. Heroes. - One of the first adventurers.

"Our World was once peaceful, a place with no war, no foul creatures and no evil. But now, now things have changed. Just 100 summers ago during the winter of the globes third century, a war ended. A war that ended against our favor.

Since the beginning of time the gods had fought for control over the cosmos and the elemental chaos, locked in a continuous war between them and the Primodials, and it was during this war our lives were created.

The gods in a way used us, for the power of belief is great and for every mortal soul that believed in the might of a god the stronger he became. And this turned the tide of the battle, in the end. For worst.

The four primodials tricked us into believing that they were nw gods, appearing before our people in visions of beauty and power, converting those who had once believed in the gods to believe in the primodials.

This increased the Primodials powers, and at the same time weakened the gods, until they were defeated.

During this last 100 years a great many things have happened, fell creatures have appeared all over the lands, the human population has been split between two factions, the Free People and the empire and even the elves have been effected by the new reign of the primodials.

However a solution has arrised, people are taking up swords, bows learning skill such as magic and healing possesed normally by just the nobles of the lands so that they can fight back. So that the age of heroes can now begin."

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